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My name is
Marco Paganini. My interests include computers, photography, hiking and biking. I also keep a mostly technical blog at


I had the idea of writing a program like this a while ago. Unfortunately, I never had the time to put the project forward, until I needed an excuse to learn Python. Well, this is my first program and also my excuse. :)

ASK was created by me, Marco Paganini, but Kurt Werle joined the project for a few months, bringing important contributions.

Many other Anti-Spam projects can be found on Freshmeat. You can even combine some of them with ASK, by using procmail.

Special thanks go to (in no particular order):

  • Chris Albertson, for the very cool mug!!! Thanks Chris!
  • Daniel Padilla, for the Spanish translation;
  • Tobias Haecker, for the German translation;
  • Thomas Witzenrath, for another German translation;
  • Glenn Carbines, for the French translation;
  • Daniel Richard G., for his ideas and support;
  • Luciano Blini, for the Italian translation;
  • Keith Bostic, for his many ideas;
  • Wolfgang Ocker, for his patches implementing new features;
  • Jeffrey Voorhaar, for the Dutch translation
  • Karl Bastiman, for the UK Mirror
  • Nils Weisensee, for relentlessly tracking some real subtle bugs;
  • Erez Zadok, for his guidance with the paper and great ideas;
  • and many others...

If you can contribute and translate those messages into your native language, your help will be very appreciated.

As usual, this program is available under the terms of the GNU GPL. If you have any questions or ideas, please send me an email (link at the bottom of the page).

Thanks and I hope you enjoy ASK.