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- Bugfix: crashed if messages in the queue were removed externally
  (thanks to Anthon van der Neut for the patch)
- Bugfix: Typo caused to crash.
- Bugfix: Remote command's "Deliver email" would always act on a fixed
  message, not on the chosen one.
- Bugfix: Crash on certain messages on delivery (usually as a result
  of delivery via remote commands).
- Bugfix: The delivery routines now weed out the "Delivered-To" header.
  The presence of this header causes some MTAs to think that the message
  has already been delivered, causing a fake mail loop error.
- Bugfix: "ASK HELP" would cause a crash because of an extra parameter
  while formatting the html help message.
- Bugfix: Delivery of messages by remote commands caused an extra message
  of zero bytes to be delivered as well.
- Revised the entire code to make sure messages originating from remote
  commands are delivered directly to the mailbox, and not through procmail
  (or whatever filter one might be using) again.
- Bugfix: Typo caused to crash.
- Bugfix: rc_confirm_langs was not being read from the config file, which
  caused a traceback.
- The blacklist functionality is gone for good. It caused too many problems.
  Any email addresses found in the old blacklist files are now treated as
  addresses in the ignorelist. Remote commands adding or removing from the
  blacklist will act on the ignorelist instead. "ASK HELP" will not, however,
  advertise the blacklist commands as an option, to avoid confusion.
- Removed a bug that would cause a failure upon receipt of a confirmation
  message. Thanks to Jerome Dumonteil for the patch.
- New command line option: "--rcfile=ask_rc_file". You can now "force" the
  configuration file to be a specific file. Thanks to Sven Verdoolaege
  for this patch.
- New configuration variable: rc_junk_unknown_recipients. When set to "yes",
  ASK will junk the message if none of our configured addresses (rc_mymails)
  appear in the "To/Cc/Bcc" fields of the original message. Default = false
  (the old behavior).  Thanks to J.R. Oldroyd for this patch.
- ASK now ignores the "Reply-To:" field when checking for mailer-daemon
  messages. Thanks to J.R. Oldroyd for this patch.
- Many programs and files that depended on the "samples" directory have
  been changed to reference the files from the templates directory.
- The contents of the "samples" directory have been moved off to the
  "templates" directory, as they're not exactly samples (they're used
  by asksetup).
- Renamed main executable,, to askfilter.
- Renamed to asksetup.
- ASK PROCESS Q is now a synonym for ASK PROCESS QUEUE.
- bugfix: Messages delivered via deliver_mail did not have a "Date:"
- HTML Received and Size fields added to the ASK Queue Report.
- HTML Remote commands now use a table for formatting. The whole thing
  should look much better now. We also have a new format for the textmode
  commands and a line separating messages.
- Removed the mail loop message. Most people disliked it.
- Added a new command line switch: --filter. This puts ASK in "mail
  filter" mode. This mode is very similar to the "procmail mode", with the
  difference that it always returns a valid exit code. Messages to be
  discarded are delivered to stdout (filtered) with a "X-ASK-Action: Discard"
  header indicating that it should be discarded. The old --procmail mode
  will slowly be phased out.
  If you're using procmail, you'll probably want to change your .procmailrc
  recipes to:
  :0 fW
  /path_to_ask/askfilter --logfile=ask.log --loglevel=10 --filter
  * ^X-ASK-Action: Discard
- Major re-write and code cleanup on the remote commands. When using text
  mode remote commands, results are always sent directly to the user's
  mailbox defined in rc_mymailbox, _except_ when delivering messages
  in procmail or filter mode. In this case, the MTA will be used to
  forward the messages to rc_mymails[0] with the corresponding X-ASK-Auth
  code that will cause immediately delivery.
- implemented SMTP checking: ASK now knows how to check users remotely using
  SMTP. This method does not work for all cases, but should eliminate some 
  confirmation messages from the queue. Note: You need pydns ou python-adns
  to use this.
- Pipe delivery is now possible: Check the sample_askrc file for details and
- Generates a log message if the current Python version is not supported.
- bugfix: An incorrect variable name caused remote commands to traceback.
  Fixed (localtempFile -> localTempFile)
- bugfix: all occurrences of os.environ changed to os.getenv. os.environ
  causes a traceback if the variables does not exist. This caused a problem
  with an untreated exception in the exception handling code.
- Removed examples from the sample lists. A lot of people were having problems
  with their MUAs reformatting the examples in weird ways.
- RPM now includes the manpages.
- Renamed confirmlist.txt to .ask-loop-control.dat. The name confirmlist.txt
  seems to imply this file is yet another list, when it is not.
- Removed a nasty bug with cyclic references that caused temporary files to
  be left behind in some cases (again, our thanks to Nils Weisensee).
- Added Danish translations of confirmation and blacklist messages.
- Character set of confirmation messages is now iso-8859-1 instead of unknown.
- Reformatted sample whitelist, blacklist and ignorelist to not exceed
  70 columns.
- Added exception handling.
- Found a bug in Python <2.2. This is now the minimum recommended version.
  (thanks to Nils Weisensee for spotting this hard to trace bug).
- bugfix: Some messages without the sender's username caused a traceback.
- Messages from mailer-daemon, remote commands and confirmation returns will
  not be matched in the whitelist anymore.
- bugfix: Messages from whitelisted people that look like a confirmation return
  will not be blindly delivered.
- The list matching routines will specifically ignore any matches that also 
  match one of our email addresses ("from re" only).
- Added the "header re" qualifier in the regular expression to match any header.
- Lots of bugfixes on the Makefile and .spec. RPMs should be correct now.
- bugfix: empty regexp would match everything
- bugfix: ASK EDIT {WHITE|IGNORE|BLACK}LIST would cause a traceback. 
- Some typos fixed.
- White/Ignore and Blacklists can be spread over multiple files. Only the
  first one will be written to by ASK but all will be used to match. The sample
  config file also includes a "-local" version of each list file suitable for
  local editing (prevents conflicts).
- Regular expressions are "escaped" before being added to the whitelist. 
  If something like "" is added, it will be converted
  to "paganini@paganini\.net"
- X-Primary-Address takes precedence over all other headers when checking for
  the sender's address (as suggested by Jason Mastaler). It is *not* used to
  send back any messages (nastygrams/confirmations).
- The "Resent-From" field now takes precedence over Reply-To: and From:
- Queue listing is now reverse-sorted by file modification time.
- Confirmations will cause both the sender in the confirmation *and* the
  sender in the queued message to be added to the whitelist.
- Regular expression match: From/To in the lists will match in a slightly
  different way. Things like foo@bar (looking like a complete email) will
  be translated internally into "^foo@bar" (to avoid oo@bar from matching
  as foo@bar). All the rest is left intact (so, for instance, @bar will
  match anything having @bar anywhere in the string).
- Whitelist is checked before blacklist and ignorelist. This allows people
  to ignore an entire domain while allowing access to certain people from
  that domain, for instance (always make sure you never have your email in
  any of your lists).
- Senders will not be added to the lists if they are already there.
- Fixed bug that prevented Eudora from working correctly with the "mailto:"
  links (Eudora dislikes single quotes).
- Bulk/Junk have been removed from the sample configuration file.
- Messages can now be saved in "IMAP" format. Many thanks to Dan Pewzner for
  this brilliant idea and sponsorship.
- distutils installation has been phased out. A new Makefile has been added to
  create the RPM and TAR files (soon, .DEB)
- Heavy remodeling in the remote commands code. Lots of small bugs ironed out.
- Quotes are now allowed in the configuration files.
- List edits will handle quoting properly
- X-ASK-Info now shows the "approving" whitelist line, if that's the case.
- Support for the "*_mailbody.txt" files is slowly being phased out
- Finnish Translation Added (thanks to Reijo Korhonen)
- A space between the "mailto:" and the real email address was confusing some
  browsers. Fixed.
- A timestamp is automatically appended to all X-ASK-Info headers.
- Junk/Bulk messages are now queued with the appropriate warning in the
  X-ASK-Info header.
- Lists now match using either substrings or regular expressions (previously,
  only regular expressions were allowed). Now, "cow" will match "".
  Note that something like "from" will also match "".
  If you want to match only "" use "from ^$"
- Blacklist template is now available in French.
- ASK PROCESS QUEUE will now return a message indicating that the queue
  is empty, it that's the case.
- Some improvements in the sample .askrc file
- Web Page moved out of the main CVS tree
- Blacklisted people were receiving a message with the confirmation template.
- List of email in rc_mymails are now handled in a case insensitive manner.
- Fixed a typo in the english template.
- Fixed a bug that would cause loss of emails if two mails arrived exactly
  at the same time (Maildir users only).
- Dutch translation added thanks to Jeffrey Voorhaar.
- MD5 key was not being used correctly. Fixed.
- Confirmation messages now have "Precedence: bulk" and "In-Reply-To"
- ASK will now limit the number of confirmation messages it sends to the same
  address during a certain period of time.
- Added support for remote queue processing, both in text and
  html mode (check samples/ask_samplerc for example config 
  parameters that affect this new feature)
- rc_junkmailbox (and rc_bulkmailbox) are now optional. Not setting
  those variables will cause messages originally going to those
  mailboxes to be discarded.
- New variable: --rc_bulkmailbox. Anything coming from a mailing
  list (or Precedence: bulk) that is not whitelisted will be
  sent here instead of junked.
- Added --home command line option (backported from 2.0.2)
- Fixed some problems in and (thanks to
  Wolfgang Ocker for the patches)
- New configuration directive in (.askrc): rc_max_attach_lines.
  This controls how many lines ASK will send back in the message
  attached to the confirmation (Thanks to Wolfgang Ocker for the
- Messages matched in the ignorelist and blacklist are thrown to
  the void, not junked.
- Fixed a small detail in the .forward configuration documentation.
- Added Joe Vaughan's Alternative (global) Exim installation
- New configuration parameter: rc_whitelist_on_mailkey. When this
  is set to "true", ASK will automatically add the sender to the
  whitelist upon reception of a message with our mailkey.
- Fixed a bug in the procmail documentation.
- PID added to the log output (makes it easier to trace different
  processes writing to the file at the same time)
- Local mails (without "@" sign) will not be dumped to Junk
- Documentation moved to DocBook
- Our key in the confirmation message will not automatically let messages
  pass thru.
- Only selected languages will be sent in the confirmation/nastygram.
- Fixed "Procmail Installation" instructions.
- Non-existent environment variables in the configuration file are now
  expanded to "".
- Added the --home command line switch. Now you can specify the home
  directory instead of relying on the contents of the HOME environment variable.
- Fixed the bug that caused ASK to lock a file named .something when
  rc_lockfile was not set.
- Added CRLF between messages. This fixes the bug where multiple messages
  appear as a single one in a mbox style mailbox (thanks to Bill Schaffer)
- Locking routines now use fcntl instead of FCNTL. This should improve
  portability with Python 2.
- After many problems, LaTeX2HTML was switched to HeVeA for the documentation.
- CRLF in the headers will not cause a traceback anymore
- Documentation fixes (broken hyperlinks)
- Added better instructions for users of .forward files
- Added documentation for qmail users
- Locking routines now use fcntl.lockf (portability issues)
- Logo changed (homepage)
- Italian translation added, thanks to Luciano Blini
- Errors in the regular expressions (lists) will not cause the program to
  abort anymore.
- All occurences of SPAM changed to Spam to avoid legal problems. :)
- Fixed a bug that caused a Traceback with the 'to ' qualifier.
- Documentation was moved to LaTex.
- ASK was completely redesigned into an Object Oriented program. The main file
  was split into different classes that can be incorporated into other programs.
- The "to " qualifier in the lists also matches Cc and Bcc
- The 'From:' line in confirmations and nastygrams will match the correct 
  recipient of the current email. Now, if you have three emails (,
  and and a message is sent to, the confirmation message
  From: line will appear as "From:" (unlike previous versions that
  always used the first entry).
- New configuration file format. The file is not "evaled" into the main source
- New configuration variable: rc_myfullname. This is used to set your "full name"
  in outgoing mails.
- New configuration variable: rc_basic_headers. Confirmation messages and 
  nastygram will preserve only these fields in the original message when sending
  it back.
- New configuration variable: rc_lockfile. You can specify a different lockfile
  to be used when adding information to the whitelist or your mailbox. Note that
  ask should be the only program delivering mail to your mailbox if this option
  is used (this is the normal case).
- bugfix: was returning a non-existing constant, causing errors messages
  to be sent back to senders.
- The new default directory for ask is $HOME/.ask. The installation instructions
  and the sample_askrc file have been changed to reflect this.
- created. This should make installation a little bit easier.
- French translation added to confirm_mailbody.txt (thanks to Glenn W. Carbines).
- German translation added to confirm_mailbody.txt and blacklist_mailbody.txt
  (thanks to Tobias Haecker).
- now outputs 'from username@domain' instead of 'username@domain'.
- Homepage changes: Download now points to; added FORUMS and
  CVS links to the homepage.
- ASK is now available as an RPM file.
- Now optionally uses distutils to do the installation (
- Added --procmail option. ASK can now be called from procmail like this:
  :0 fW
  |/path/to/ask/ --procmail
  :0 e
  Incoming mails will be filtered and dequeues magically processed, if necessary.
- Mails are never sent back to messages that have "Return-Path: <>".
- All messages coming from mailing lists (that are not in the whitelist)
  will be junked. The same is true for messages coming from "robots", like
  "bounce", "noreply", "nobody", etc.
- All three lists now accept 'extended' matching. You can match by "From"
  (from regexp), "To" (to regexp) or "Subject" (subject regexp). A "bare"
  regular expression or string (without 'from/to/subject and a space' will
  match the sender's email (like in the previous version). Check the INSTALL
  file for more detailed information on installation and configuration. (this
  feature is handy to allow mailing-lists that show emails coming from the
  poster to the mailing list address)
- removed a lot of unnecessary fh.close() statements.
- rc_mymail has been renamed to rc_mymails (a list of email
  addresses). Special provisions have been added to treat old cases (for people
  who may still have the old rc_mymail in their .askrc file)
- New text for users in the blacklist as suggested by Daniel Richard G.
- Installation instructions will go inside the package (INSTALL) (thanks to
  Daniel Richard G. for the idea)
- Corrected bug in command line processing
- "Postmaster" is now a synonym for "Mailer-Daemon"